Diagnosis/MRI Fusion Biopsy

PSA testing:

PSA testing along with rectal exam are the two strategies employed in the screening of prostate cancer.  PSA testing has become controversial with some experts suggesting the test does more harm than good. McIver physicians are firm believers in APPROPRIATE  PSA testing. 


MRI fusion biopsy:

McIver physicians are pleased to offer the most advance technology in prostate cancer diagnosis- the MRI fusion biopsy.  If a patient’s PSA is abnormal, a prostate biopsy is often performed to search for cancer.  In most cases this is a blind or random biopsy performed by ultrasound.  In the newer technique, an MRI is performed initially which can often identify lesions which could be cancerous.  If such lesions are identified, the MRI is then ‘fused’ to the ultrasound to serve as a guide for the biopsy