McIver Clinic offers vasectomy with the no scalpel technique.

Traditional vasectomy involves removing and sealing the severed ends of both vas deferens. The procedure is most often performed in the office. Sedation with oral medications is available. Anesthesia at an outpatient operating room facility can be arranged. The “no scalpel” technique involves penetrating forceps that are used to enter the scrotum through a small opening. One opening is used but sometimes a second opening is used, depending on anatomy.  There is no means of performing a vasectomy or male sterilization procedure without entering the skin of the scrotum. Local anesthetic is used with the smallest needle commercially available with less discomfort than a dental injection. Only one of the injections is briefly felt. While some urologists advertise a needle-less procedure using a pneumatic gun that shoots the xylocaine into the skin, we have found this technique to be far inferior in pain control than the very tiny needle for injection.

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