Soundwave Therapy for ED in Jacksonville, FL

What is Soundwave Therapy?

Soundwave Therapy is a new and exciting non-surgical, medication free solution for erectile dysfunction. Soundwave Therapy has resulted in many men experiencing healthier, stronger, and more satisfying erections. The procedure uses wave energy that stimulates growth factors helping in the creation of new blood vessels. These new blood vessels bring more blood to your erection resulting in a stronger erection.

Soundwave Therapy is a safe and simple in office procedure that can restore your erections without medications or surgery.

Are You a Candidate for Soundwave Therapy?

Studies have shown that Soundwave therapy has up to a 70% success rate in treating erectile dysfunction. Results are best for men with mild to moderate ED. If you are currently taking ED medications or if your medication is no longer effective, Soundwave therapy may be right for you!

Soundwave therapy has been shown to be effective in men who no longer respond to their current medication. It can also strengthen erections for men at the beginning stages of ED.

What to Expect During Soundwave Therapy

Soundwave Therapy is a quick and simple in office procedure. Unlike some traditional wave therapy procedures, acoustic Soundwave Therapy is pain free. Some men experience a slight tingling sensation during the procedure.

Is Soundwave Therapy Safe?

The low intensity acoustic waves used during Soundwave Therapy have been used world wide to treat cardiac, orthopedic, and urologic conditions with an excellent safety record. As with any procedure there are some risks however complications are rare.

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