Varicocele Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

An expansive network of arteries and veins exist all across the body, including the testicles and scrotum. Veins located in this region of the body are subject to the same type of circulatory issues that can be seen in the legs to cause varicose veins. However, enlarged veins of the scrotum are referred to uniquely as varicocele veins.

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Problems Caused by Varicocele Veins

It is estimated that roughly 15% of the male population experiences varicocele veins, especially between the ages of 15 and 25. These veins typically affect only one side of the scrotum, but in rare cases can be present in both sides.

While varicocele veins can often be a completely benign condition that does not lead to any sort of complications, they can also result in issues with a man’s reproductive abilities. Such issues can include decreased sperm production as well as decreased sperm quality, which usually result in problems with fertility. It is also possible for the testicle to suffer damage as the veins continue to grow larger and apply more pressure to the tissues around them.

Symptoms of Varicocele Veins

Most men with varicocele veins do not notice any signs or symptoms of the condition, though it is possible for pain to occur at a very minimal level. This pain may worsen throughout the day, increase during periods of activity, or subside when the individual is lying down on his back.

Because varicoceles rarely present detectable symptoms, most men are unaware that they have varicocele veins until they are noticed during an annual physical exam, or when they begin to experience difficulties in fathering a child. If you begin to experience any type of abnormalities within the testicles, please contact McIver Clinic right away for a consultation.

Varicocele Treatment at McIver Clinic

If a man’s varicocele veins are not causing any pain or issues with his fertility, then treatment may not be needed. However, if individuals do encounter any problems related to these enlarged veins, they are encouraged to seek care from a specialist such as your urologist for proper diagnosis and recommendations.

Varicocele Repair Surgery

This procedure is quite simple, and can be performed by your urologist as an outpatient surgery, meaning that the patient is able to return home within the same day. Known as a varicocelectomy, this surgical approach involves making a small incision in the pelvis or lower abdomen, then clamping off any of the enlarged veins to redirect the excess blood flow to healthier veins in the testicles.

Varicocele Vein Embolization

Another procedure commonly performed to address problems caused by enlarged veins in the testicles and scrotum is called varicocele vein embolization. During this procedure, an embolic agent is injected into the varicoceles. This agent effectively seals off blood flow through the vein, which causes it to shrink substantially in size over the course of several weeks. Just like varicocele repair surgery, this treatment is also intended to be performed on an outpatient basis with minimal recovery time needed afterward.

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