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History & Heritage of McIver Clinic

U.S. Marine Corps surgeon opens McIver Clinic in 1921 after serving in France during World War I

McIver Clinic Timeline

  • 1921 McIver Clinic, 1st Urology Practice in Florida established by Dr Robert McIver
  • 1935 Urology Preceptor program established which evolved into first Urology residency program at Duval Medical Center and St Vincent’s Hospital
  • 1947 1st Transurethral Resection of the Prostate performed in Jacksonville for Urinary Retention
  • 1948 Florida Urological Society established by members of the McIver Clinic
  • 1982 1st Percutaneous  Nephrolithotomy  in Jacksonville performed by Dr Whittaker of the McIver Clinic
  • 1995 Prostate Cryoablation for Prostate Cancer performed by Dr Paul Crum of the McIver  Clinic
  • 2005 1st Robotic Prostatectomy performed in Jacksonville area by Dr Vashi and Dr Swartz of the McIver Clinic
  • 2005 McIver Clinic becomes one of first practices in Jacksonville area to convert to Electronic Medical Records
  • 2008 1st Purely Laparoscopic Renal Cryoablation performed by Dr West
  • 2008 McIver Clinic joins ICON, Integrated Community Oncology Network    
  • 2009 1st Robot assisted Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy performed by Dr Vashi  and Dr Swartz
  • 2010 Areas first Videourodynamic suite established to aid in in diagnosis of voiding dysfunction
  • 2016 MRI Fusion biopsy to aid in better diagnosing Prostate Cancer



Robert Boyd McIver, MD, is recorded to have been the first urologist in practice in Jacksonville in 1920. A native of Spartanburg, South Carolina, he received his B.A. degree from Wofford College (Spartenburg, SC) and his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1916 from Jefferson Medical College (Philadelphia, PA). Dr. McIver completed a residency at Pennsylvania Hospital (Philadelphia, PA) in 1918, and served as a surgeon in the U.S. Marine Corps with a mobile operating team in France during World War I. After discharge from the military in 1919, he moved to Jacksonville in 1920, to practice general medicine and urology with his uncle. In 1921, he opened the McIver Clinic and he was one of the first urologists in Florida.


In 1935, Dr. McIver limited his practice entirely to genitourinary surgery. He developed a preceptor program, which evolved into a residence program in urology at the Duval Medical Center and St. Vincent’s Hospital. He was a consulting surgeon in urology at Flagler and East Coast Hospitals in St. Augustine, and the V.A. Hospital in Lake City. In 1948, he founded the Florida Urological Society with Drs. William Van Nortwick, Newman and Brown. He became president of the Florida Medical Association, the Southeastern Section of the American Urological Association (1948), and was a member of the FL State Board of Health. He founded the Jacksonville Blood Bank and was an outstanding community leader for many years. Dr. McIver was recognized for his achievements with a Certificate of Merit from the Florida Medical Association for outstanding service to the medical profession.

McIver Clinic now has 12 physicians.