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The Jacksonville Continence Center prides itself on providing the latest in diagnostic technology and as such it is the regions only nonacademic center to offer Videourodynamics.

Small catheters are placed in the bladder and the rectum to measure pressures while patches are used to measure muscle activity. Simultaneous x-ray images are obtained as the bladder is filled and during voiding. Such complete studies provide the most accurate means of diagnosing lower urinary tract problems such as urinary incontinence, incomplete emptying, or complete retention.

Standard urodynamic studies without the use of xrays can provide physicians with answers on whether or not you have overactive bladder, obstruction of the bladder, normal bladder function, and the type of incontinence you have. However, when videourodynamics is performed it helps to identify the exact sight of obstruction, small amounts of incontinence not seen with standard studies, abnormal contraction of the sphincter muscle that the patch electrodes may miss, and various other details due to the use of xrays. Videourodynamics is not always needed for many patients that need urodynamic testing, but when standard urodynamics are inconclusive or patients do not have straightforward symptomatology then videourodynamics provide much needed information for you doctor. At the Jacksonville Continence Center we are proud to provide this state of the art care to our patients that only certain academic institutions and major centers provide so that they can stay with the physicians they know and trust and not have to be sent elsewhere.