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da Vinci© Robotic Surgery

Robotic Prostatectomy: The Robotic Prostatectomy program at McIver Clinic is a recognized leader in robotic surgery with emphasis on superior outcomes for urinary and sexual function. The program is led by Dr. Apoorva Vashi, one of five US surgeons selected by SSI Innovations (the manufacturers of the da Vinci© robot) to lead expansion in robotic surgery in Southeast Asia. Dr. Vashi has been performing robotic prostatectomy surgery since 2005 and is considered the leading expert in North Florida.

Robotic/ Laparoscopic renal surgery: The kidney cancer program at McIver Clinic, headed by Dr. C. Shawn West,  emphasizes minimally invasive treatment of kidney cancer with an emphasis on kidney preservation.

Other Robotic Surgery Procedures:

    Robotic Prolapse/ Incontinence surgery in females
    Robotic Cystectomy for bladder cancer
    Robotic Repair of UPJ obstruction (kidney blockage)
    Robotic Ureteral surgery